Soft to Erect Change in Size Survey

One of the regular readers to my webpage suggested that many people were just not aware of the differences in size between a penis when it is soft and when it is erect. For example, some small ones (when soft) more than double in size when erect, where as some larger ones only grow by an inch or so. Its relatively easy to search the internet to find photos of soft penises and photos of erect penises, but they are never the same penis so it is virtually impossible to get an indication of how the average penis changes between its soft and erect states. So we decide to undertake some research on the subject, which is unique on the internet (I think) and required the help of the readers to my webpage. The photos were of the same penis, both soft and erect (taken from a similar angle). The survey results are shown below and are analyised on the main erections page. The survey is now closed.

One of the survey contributors made the point that although its interesting comparing penis size and how individual penises change in size, it begs the question of whether vaginas also come in such a variety of sizes, whether they are 'elastic' enough for a small one to accommodate a large penis, etc. Its a facinating question, but I've no idea what the answer is. I've no idea how such a subject could be surveyed, but if anybody has any ideas, I would be willing to run a parallel survey on the subject. Come on girls, how about giving us some helpful indications and advice!

Penis Size Change Survey Results:





















































35B is the same as 35A except that it is circumcised










It is intended to be informative and educational and not pornographic.

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